We are pleased to announce that we are using a new online system called ‘Tapestry Learning Journey’.  

This is a piece of educational software where every child will continue to have their own learning journey recorded and by logging on with a secure username and password parents will be able to access their own child’s journal.  Parents are only able to view their own child’s journal and all information is stored on a highly secure server, which is monitored closely.  

‘Tapestry online learning journeys’ allows you to view your child’s observations and photographs from their time here.  We will also reference your child’s learning to the EYFS profile.  This will keep you informed of the areas of learning in which your child is achieving, also, the age band they are working in for the observed activities.

We know how much your children like to bring home their work to show you; therefore any work to be included on their learning journal will be photographed and added with an explanation of the learning that has taken place.  Tapestry allows you, as your child’s primary educator, to add observations and photographs of your own as well as share your comments.  We love to hear about learning and WOW moments from home to share with your child in Poppets.  You will also be able to share with your child’s keyworker activities that he/she has particularly enjoyed.

Because children play in close proximity with their friends it does not reflect a true picture of their time here if photographs are only of a single child.  Therefore photographs of your child may appear on their friends learning journeys.  This is the same as their paper journals.

E-safety is extremely important to us and therefore we ask you to provide us with an agreement to show that you have read, understood and agree to the guidelines for accessing and using ‘Tapestry online Learning Journeys’.